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Today, it has happened to almost everyone that you have to make a much-needed investment or pay for a slightly more expensive repair without having the much-needed capital to do so. As a rule, this does not pose too much of a problem either. You can simply go to a bank and simply apply for the necessary funds in the context of a loan. An assessment at

But what if this option is no longer available for a variety of reasons? Then often only two options remain open. Either one speaks with its creditors to find a solution, or one tries to get small loans from private.

Situation Germany compared to other states

Situation Germany compared to other states

Compared to Germany, where this variant of capital finding is gaining momentum and establishing itself on the market, it has been used in many other European countries for a long time. And with a small loan from private it is quite common that both parties do not even know each other. The contract or the complete transaction is carried out completely anonymously.

Private loans – a useful addition to conventional loans

Private loans - a useful addition to conventional loans

As an example we take the repair of the car. For this, about 2,000 EUR are needed. The bank rejects the loan application for some reason or the interest to be paid is simply too high. Then the question is where the money comes from. In addition to the banks, there are investors who imagine a certain return on their money or capital, but this can not be done by the banks, and who do not want to speculate on the stock market. However, the yield expectations of these residents are well below the interest rates of a bank. For this group of people offers the opportunity to offer on the Internet completely anonymous micro-loans from private.

Approach to the loan application

Approach to the loan application

In order to enjoy such a loan, you have to register on the internet at a portal that arranges such loans. Here you just have to explain your own situation and the purpose of the loan. So for our example the repair of the car. However, this should be done as accurately as possible, ie with the presentation of the measures to be carried out. Furthermore, the desired sum, the own idea of ​​term and interest may not be missing.

The provider of such a loan can then also view this application via this portal. If your own ideas coincide with those of the lender, then this can then finance the loan. Settlement is anonymous via third parties.

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